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 EyeData is specialised in data visualisation for refractive surgery:

  • Visualize a factor you think is affecting your results.
  • Get the graphics you need for a paper but don’t have time to make.
  • Make a report that much more special with graphics for your presentation.
  • Be sure about the laser nomogram.
  • Lower your retreatment rate.

Get the classical attempted spherical equivalent vs achieved spherical equivalent with linear or local regression and confidence intervals. You might prefer our S.E. preop vs S.E. postop plot to see at a glance with what refraction the patients are ending up, any of them classified in facets or thepoints coloured by astigmatism, age, sex, location or any other factor you can think of. Or maybe you want to use another regression model.

Get histograms with the spherical equivalent refraction pre or post-op also by any factor you want, get aggregated tables of the results, for example mean age by sex, median spherical equivalent by doctor, you name it. Get confidence with hypothesis testing.

Get your records cleaned up or look for outliers that could be interesting cases or errors.

Get the graphics in jpg, png or any other graphic format and the tables in pdf, xls or csv to import them into your favourite office program or include them in any presentation.

Get all this and more for much less than you think.

Welcome to EyeData.