Excimer Laser tissue calculator

Excimer Laser consumption calculator:

Flap: 100-120µm for LASIK, 140-160µm for Smile or 60µm for PRK.
RBS: Avoid going below 300µm for primary treatment.
1/4: Tissue Consumption (TC) should not be more than 25% of Central Corneal Pachymetry (CCT) or more than 150µm.
RBS%: Residual Bed Stroma (RBS) should not be less than 60% of Central Corneal Pachymetry (CCT).

After inserting the refraction intended to treat, you will see the Tissue Consumption (TC) for the different Optical Zones (OZ). The Optical Zone will depend on the pupil size and the type of laser.

Disclaimer: The calculations provided are an estimate and may vary from the numbers provided by the manufacturer.